Assai   is an experimental font with brutish character but delicate details. It’s monospaced in two widths which lets you easily build a typographic wall. ¶ Try out and have fun!   → Buy Assai here


Patrick Manzecchi – talking to myself CD booklet design and artwork The font in use is a yet unpublished typeface by myself.

Aktaion Sanserif typeface © Jürgen Weltin, Type Matters


New Sanserif

Mantika News by Jürgen Weltin

Mantika News

For concise information

Linotype Agilita by Jürgen Weltin



Julius Roman typeface by Type Matters

Julius Roman

Hebrew & Latin book typeface

Mantika Sans by Jürgen Weltin

Mantika Sans

The friendly Sans

Mantika Book by Jürgen Weltin

Mantika Book

Serif typeface with character

Mantika Informal by Jürgen Weltin

Mantika Informal

Informal script font

Balega font by Jürgen Weltin


Display Font

Typefaces by Jürgen Weltin


Sanserif Text

Atili Head typeface by Jürgen Weltin, Type Matters

Atili Head

Headline font

SAS 2014 Schulausgangsschrift

SAS 2014


Yellow custom typeface by Jürgen Weltin

Yellow Pages

Telephone directory typeface

Bree logo redesign by Jürgen Weltin


Redesign einer Wortmarke

corporate type by Jürgen Weltin

ZW Interstate

Hausschrift für eine Designagentur

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